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Niche Commander Review


Niche Commander software (along with a couple of vitally important companion programs you’ll also be needing, and will get for free as bonuses) is a custom tool created specifically to expose weaknesses in your niche, no matter what that niche is.

Once the software identifies those weaknesses, you are able to take a standard set of steps to come in and replace the video in the Google position that you want and need.

You do that enough times and you become ‘the voice’ in your niche. People will begin acting, interacting, and responding to you as an authority in your niche.

Since you have started to be curious, why do not you take a look at my Niche Commander Reviews to know more details?

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Niche Commander Review – Overview

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Vendor: Niche Commander
Product: Cliff Carrigan
Launch Date: 2019-Jul-02
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27-$127
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
Niche: Software

What Is Niche Commander?

All niches are not created equally. Some are designed more for lead generation, others lean toward impulse sales, some are better suited for followup, and others are for pure view volume (which ultimately results in ad revenue.

The point is, you are the one who chooses your niche, and you need to know the flow of that niche.

Niche Commander Review can tell you how to exploit and dominate any niche, but you as the individual need to understand how to ‘monetize’ your niche.

The end results of taking action on the information that Niche Commander Review is providing you is that you become an authority in that niche, and you get all of the things that come along with authority.

Niche Commander Review – About The Author

Niche Commander Review

Hey there, My names Cliff and I’ve been doing mainly video marketing for over 20+ years and I’ve just about had it with these naysayers!

People constantly whining about overall SEO and ranking videos are always “one-off”, “a big gamble”, “Impossible to rank for short-tail keywords.”

It’s simple what does everyone use? Google. Yup, that’s right. Now from the top of my head, I think to myself… Ok well, when I search my youtube video title I don’t see it on the first page, on either Google or Youtube.

So naturally, I looked at the top listings to see what they were doing, but it’s not that easy huh? I was so focused on learning that I felt mesmerized and constantly intrigued to keep learning. Comparing listings with all the top listings over and over again to find similarities.

I was wrong a lot of the time, but I kept pushing because I knew, Google was looking for something, and that something is very specific. Once I finally figured it out, it was time for testing and today I want to show you exactly what I did to get page 1 rankings on both Google and Youtube.

Niche Commander Review – Features and Benefits

Video Length

You want your video a minimum of 3 minutes, but optimally around 10 (+/- a minute or 3 is fine)

Video Title

Put your targeted keyword phrase in your title twice. You can do this without it being obvious that you are doing it

For example: Make Money Online In 2019 The Easy Way – Make Money Online

We put your targeted keyword at the beginning and at the end, with a little filler in between so that the title feels and flows nicely.


Use your targeted keyword phrase 4 times in your description area. Mix it in naturally with other text and put it in different sentences and paragraphs.


Use all available tag space, take all of the tags from the #1 video showing in google for your keyword (remove the ones that aren’t really relevant). Be sure to include your targeted keyword phrase.

Audience Retention

There is no set time here, it really depends on the length of your video. This is not a concern as long as you actually have an informative/entertaining video.


(Comments / Likes)• In most cases you really won’t need engagement to rank initially, and once you’re ranked, by default, because of the traffic Google is sending, you’ll get engagement.


This is one that most people miss and or do not understand. In general, your overall video channel has a ‘strength’ number associated with it. The higher that number goes makes it easier and easier to outrank other people as well as rank for short tail keywords.

There is a software program called TAC (Tube Authority Commander) that takes care of this for you.


Niche Commander Review – My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?


  • Find your competitors RPI
  • Find your competitors exact keywords
  • Find your competitors exact keywords tags
  • Follow a proven guide for ranking
  • Manipulate their rankings to improve yours
  • Fast track your progress and flood your niche


So I created a program called Keyword Commander that I use to tweak the keywords I am using in Niche Commander

Niche Commander Review

  • Let it give you a list of related keywords, or give it your own list.
  • Remove all instances of a word from your list.
  • Replace all instances of a word in your list.
  • Remove entire lines that contain a word in your list
  • Retain only lines that contain a word in your list.
  • Append word to beginning of each keyword in your list.
  • Append word to end of each keyword phrase in your list.
  • Append words to both start and end of each keyword phrase in your list.

See? Covers pretty much everything you need for unlimited keyword manipulation.

The next thing you need is the real tags being used with that video. Most people do not realize this, but the tags you see on a video are actually only a small portion of the actual tags in most cases.

So, since all of the ‘tag grabber’ programs out there are only getting what is visible, I needed to build a custom app that would get them all. The ones we see as well as the ones we don’t.

It’s simply called TrueTags.

Niche Commander Review

The reason tags are so important, and why it is vital that you have them all, including the hidden ones, is because Google will list your video for those tags.

Example… Let’s say you ran Niche Commander Review and found several videos that were listed for a keyword, but didn’t even have that keyword in it.

How are they ranked in google for that keyword? Tags 🙂

Those tags are how you get a single video ranked for multiple keywords… That saves you a massive amount of work.

Sloppy people rank a video and it only ranks for that one keyword. Pro’s rank that video for that keyword and position themselves for that same video to be ranked and listed under multiple additional keywords in Google too.

This effectively duplicates your work for you so that you don’t have to… 1 video, multiple google listings!

Who Should Use It?

As far as I can see, this tool is really suitable for anyone who wants to make money online. I am sure that you will save a great amount of money.

I mention strongly if you are:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Owner of ecom stores
  • Bloggers
  • Owners of online businesses
  • MMO
  • And more

Niche Commander Review – Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow
  • No required any tech skills and experience
  • ZERO video editing and post-production hassles.
  • Boost ROI With Premium Traffic


  • Only works when there is a strong network connection.

Niche Commander Review – Price and Evaluation

If you are seeking this kind of automation tool, I highly recommend you to give it a go. Now, you can buy Niche Commander Review at $27-$127. In my opinion, it is worth every penny of you to buy this product. Furthermore, you can easily ask for a refund during the first 30 days of using in case you feel that this tool is not the right one for you. So in order not to miss the early-bird discount, please remember after reading my Niche Commander Review that Niche Commander Review is launched on July 02th, 2019.

To sum up, I hope that everything in my Niche Commander Review can help you to you make a right buying decision. I am looking forward to your success. Thank you for reading my review patiently. See you in my next review!

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Niche Commander $27-$127
  • EASY TO USE - 9.6/10
  • PRICE - 9.6/10
  • QUALITY - 9.5/10
  • FEATURES - 9.6/10
  • SUPPORT - 9.8/10
  • BONUS - 9.6/10


  • Tube Authority Commander An autonomous Youtube Software For Advanced Marketing
  • Dive into humanized emulation for liking subscribing, viewing, commenting and more! Explode a channels page authority ranking on auto-pilot. Moz Capabilities, Spintax, User-generated or fixed selections.

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