Rank Reel Review

Rank Reel Review – 100% Honest Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Rank Reel Review – Best Review Famous Jvzoo From Narkrohreview

Rank Reel Review

Rank Reel Review – Introduction

Ranking videos is still as profitable as ever, but as you know, the rules of SEO have changed drastically. Gone are the days of mass backlinking, low-quality links, and blackhat tactics that used to work. used to rank videos a few years ago.

Our subscribers were desperate for a safe video SEO solution to rank their client’s local videos (and their own). So, after months of coding and beta testing Abhi’s team has created the ultimate 5-in-1 whitehat video ranking solution that includes special local business features.

This is a comprehensive cloud app broken into 5 sections: Keyword Research, Competition Research, Description Optimization, Backlinking, and Local Influencer Outreach with tons of valuable features for SEO in 2019.

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Rank Reel Review – Overview

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Vendor: Ben Murray et al
Product: Rank Reel
Launch Date: 2019-May-10
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $29
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page: https://rankreel.co/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Video

What Is Rank Reel?

Uncover Hidden, Profitable Keywords

Find related niches & profitable keywords other keyword tools can’t find to rank

Point & Click Optimization

Use our DFY, customizable templates to rank videos fast in the best local niches

Safe Authority Backlinking

Find authority, local link opportunities to push your videos to #1 & have them stay there

Advanced Competition Research

See how hard & exactly what it takes to rank #1 for any term in Google or YouTube

Get Real Views from Influencers

Find local influencers & get them to share your video for real social signals & views

Creator of Rank Reel

Ben Murray is an easy name to see on the ranking of well-known suppliers. This name is really good for marketers. He is trusted by some products such as Vidmonial 2.0, Cloud Video App and more. His products always get the attention of customers.

Rank Reel is his combination with colleagues. They spent a long time and budget to create it. They hope that this product will help users no longer have difficulty in making money with video.

Rank Reel Review – Feature Details

Horizontal” Keyword and Niche Suggestion

Rank Reel Review

Find synonyms and categories relating to any keyword to help rank your videos “horizontally”. This gives broad ideas of what to rank for that relate to the given keyword or niche instead of just a targeted focus like Google Keyword Planner and other tools provide.

In-Depth Keyword Suggestion Finder

Rank Reel Review

Find search volume, Average Monthly global, Suggested Bid, Competition and Confidence based on the given keyword. This gives perfect keyword ideas that can be used to boost the SEO rank of the post/blog/article.

YouTube Competition Analysis

Rank Reel Review

Spy on the top 10 videos for any keyword and see key metrics you can optimize to beat out their ranking like length of video, channel subscribers, likes, links in the description, and more. It shows you how difficult it will be to outrank these videos with easy to understand red, yellow, and green indicators.

Google Competition Analysis

Rank Reel Review

Just like YouTube competition, spy on the top 10 links for any keywords and see what it takes to beat them out to rank on page #1 with easy red, yellow, or green indicators.

YouTube Longtail Tags Search and Swiper

Rank Reel Review

Swipe the best tags your competitors are using to rank #1 in YouTube and Google for yourself. This suggests short & longtail (longer word) tags. It will also allow users to enter any video youtube URL into the search and it will pull the best tags that YouTube video is using

1-Click Fully Optimized Local YouTube Descriptions and SEO

Rank Reel Review

Select one of RankReel’s local niche categories, enter the business name, contact info, and location you are trying to rank… and RankReel will autogenerate a high ranking YouTube title and description for your video right on the spot.

Social Bookmark Submission

Rank Reel Review

Connect multiple accounts to social bookmarking platforms like Bitly, Tumblr, Plurk, Medium, and more and auto post a link to your RankReel video there if you choose.

Whitehat Authority Local Links Creator

Rank Reel Review

Find whitehat, authority link opportunities that help rank your video higher in YouTube and Google. RankReel will help you find contest nomination link opportunities, localbBlog & magazine opportunities, local directory opportunities, and local blog opportunities for safe, power rankings

Local Influencer Outreach

Rank Reel Review

The app will find the biggest local influencers in any location for you, and allow you to private message them in the app offering an incentive to share your video, giving it more social signals and views for higher rankings

And Much More Including…

SyVid Integration

Syndicate your video with fully optimized title, description and tags, to several video networks if customers bought the SyVid app.

Commercial Rights Included

Sell video ranking services, lead generation service, ranking data reports, and more.

5 Different Backlink Opportunities Finder

Create different types of backlinks without ever harming you or your client’s videos and account.

Export to CSV and Sell Data

Export all your keywords, competition, data, links and more to CSV to use later or even sell.

My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?

  • IT’S SAFE… Unlike all the other tools, RankReel uses whitehat methods to safely get your video to the top of the search results and stay there without getting your videos removed or your channel deleted.
  • IT’S EASY… Just tap a few buttons to uncover the keywords, tags and even the type of content you need to dominate your local niche for clients or your own business… then click a few more buttons to automatically optimize your video and get authority backlinking opportunities so that it rises to the top like clockwork.
  • IT’S ALL-IN-ONE… RankReel is packed with 5 brand new and powerful modules of technology to boost your video rankings fast all from one simple dashboard.


Who Should Use It?

Use RankReel to get all the free traffic you can dream of, no matter what business you’re in…

  • Local SEO agencies
  • Affiliates
  • Ecom store owners
  • Product creators
  • Freelancers
  • Coaches and consultants

Whatever business you’re promoting online, RankReel will finally allow you to get in front of thousands of warm leads and real buyers on YouTube for free day after day.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow
  • Smooth operation on any device
  • Create multiple sources of free traffic
  • No need to pay monthly fees
  • Friendly interface with new people


Rank Reel doesn’t have any problems at all. Your computer only needs to have an internet connection before starting to rank a video.

Evaluation & Price

$29 is the price of this product. However, its price will change after a day. So if you see this is the software you are craving, quickly catch it. In addition, there will be some channels for you to choose from

OTO 1 – Rank Reel Diamond: $49 (OTO1 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

With the Diamond upgrade, users will get the Keyword Autocomplete feature which lets users search for longer tail autocomplete keywords on several networks including Google, Bing, Amazon, App Store, and more. Plus They will get the Outsourcer License, more DFY Ranking Templates (10 added), more usage rights, and exclusive Diamond level bonuses.

OTO 2 – Rank Reel Enterprise: $69 (OTO2 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

With this ultimate edition of RankReel, users get access to LiveStreaming built into the app with the ability to stream their fully optimized videos to the most popular live video networks. They also get more usage rights, agency rights + team member integration ability, access to the 100% commission resell program, and exclusive Enterprise level bonuses.

OTO 3 – Rank Reel SyVid Special: $39 (OTO3 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

SyVid is a cloud-based app where you upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 8 different video sharing websites along with unique title, descriptions and your keywords. We’ve built SyVid integration into the front-end as a bonus so this is sure to convert well.

Last Thoughts

Rank Reel is really video creation software worth checking out. You can rest assured to use it with 30 days refund. In case you are not happy with its results, you can send them a message to receive the previous amount.

I hope you will make a wise decision for yourself. Instead of wasting time on video rank jobs, right now, download a copy of this software and enjoy the great benefits it offers.

You can leave me a comment below if you still need more information.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Rank Reel Review. Good luck!

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